goals and structures

ataz is a platform with the purpose of developing and intensifying economic relations between Austria and Azerbaijan. This shall be achieved by networking, providing information and consulting, and organizing trips and events.

ataz – the goals

  • inform about Austria and Azerbaijan as possible business locations
  • exchange information between Austrian and Azerbaijani business people, public authorities and interest groups
  • develop and support business contacts between both countries
  • enable and facilitate investment resp. commerce between Austria and Azerbaijan
  • promote intercultural and humanitarian exchanges between both countries and regions
  • improve cultural understanding
  • establish long-term and sustainable business relationships

ataz - the association

ataz was founded in 2009 as an association in accordance with Austrian law and has its headquarters in Vienna. The association is listed on the Central Register of Associations of the Federal Ministry for the Interior. The registration number is ZVR 763458219.

The association’s administration is the responsibility of its president, together with the other board members. He and his colleagues on the board are elected by the General Assembly. The General Secretariat is the central coordinating body of ataz and supports its various bodies in all organizational and administrative matters.